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Common Questions Asked
  • Are There Different Grades Of Vinyl Graphics/Decals?
    Yes There Are Basically 3- Grades To Choose From A= Economy Vinyl 4-Year (Good) B= Intermediate Vinyl 5-7-Year (Better) C= Premium Cast Vinyl 7-10-Year (Best) We Use All Grades From Various Manufacturers Such As Arlon, Oracal, Avery, LG, FDC, GMI, 3M And Others

  • Is There A Difference In Pre-Mask
    Yes There Are 2-Types Clear And Opaque We Prefer To Us Clear So Our Customers Can Line-Up There Graphics & Decals Easier, Clear Is More Expensive But We Believe It Is Worth It

  • Is There A Shelf Life For The Vinyl Graphics/Decals
    Yes The Manufacturer Recommends 1-Year Shelf Life Also Graphics & Decals That Have Been Pre-Masked And Rolled Up For Shipment Are More Difficult to put on as they age, We At The Decal Shoppe,LLC Make Your Graphics & Decals As You Order Them They Are Not Sitting Around On The Shelf Except For Our Officially Licensed Products Which We Stock, Otherwise you can be assured of FRESH DECALS When they arrive, It Takes a Little Longer, But Is Worth The Extra Time When You Go To Install Them.

  • Why Doesn't Silver & Gold Last As Long As Other Solid Colors
    Silver & Gold Vinyl Is Considered Metallic And Doesn't Last As Long As The Other Solid Colors

  • What Is Better To Install Stripes Wet Or Dry
    All Stripes Can Be Installed Wet Or Dry It is Your Preference, The Wet Method is most likely best as you can slide the stripes and move them in case you don't have them in the correct placement as the dry method would ruin the stripes if it had to be pulled up and replaced

  • Why Did My Order Not Ship The Same Day
    All Of Our Graphics, Control Plates, Banners,Stripes And Bumper Stick Type Decals (Except Our Racing Decals & Welder Decals) Are Custom Made To Order To Ensure The Freshest Possible Product As Vinyl Products Only Have A One year Shelf Life And Are Shipped Rolled Up So You Would Not Want Stripes That Have Been Sitting On The Shelf Rolled Up For 6 Months or a Year, No Worries With Our They Are Fresh And Easier To Install, Most Orders Only Require 1-3 Production Days Before Shipping

  • Do we sell wholesale also
    Yes we offer wholesale pricing to dealers & Businesses in our industry, Please call or email us for details 623-546-0710 or