Dual 10" Metallic Stripe Kit, Fits Mustangs 2005-09


Brand New Aftermearket Custom Made Metallic Dual 10" Racing Stripes
Will Fit 2005-2009 Mustangs & GT
Your Choice Of Color At No Additional Charge
Pre Cut Set With No Pre-Spacing Tape On The Stripes And Is Designed To Be Put On
The WET METHOD, Which Is The Easy Way To Install These Stripes On This Vehicle
Can Be Installed Dry With Felt Squeegee
Kit Includes Enough Pre-Cut Stripes For Bumper To Bumper Installation
All Stripes Are Cut A Little Long So Your Can Wrap
Under Hood & Trunk Areas For Added Durability
Cut To Order So You Get The Freshest Stripes Possible Which Are Far Easier To Install Than
Stripes That Have Been Sitting On The Shelf, It Takes A Few Days Extra But Is Well Worth It
For Professional Results Comes With Complete Instructions
Outdoor Durable Hi-Performance Metallic Stripes, 10-Year Outdoor Durable
Easy To Apply To Any Flat Solid Surface Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Stripes
Note 2009 Model Shown In Picture, The Year You Choose Is the One's You Will Recieve