Hi Performance Carbon Fiber Skull Helmet Wrap, NEW



Hi Performance Black Carbon Fiber Helmet Wrap
Appx 21" x 24"

Wrap Your Skull Motorcycle Helmet and Get The Carbon Fiber Look
For A Fraction Of The Cost, Easy To Install Yourself
Enough To Wrap Your Skull Helmet, Using a Heat Gun
5-Year Outdoor Durable Wrapping Cast Vinyl
You Can Wrap Your Helmet Without A Seam If Your Are Good At Installing


“Carbon Cast” is a multi-layered cast vinyl film with a carbon fiber embossed pattern. It carries the proven solvent-based adhesive and a structured PE liner with Air Release technology that allows convenient air egress during application, with its flexibility and high conformability fast and risk free. It is principally designed for vehicle full wraps and other long-term, outdoor applications. It is the ideal, high-tech solution for heavily curved surfaces, such as full vehicle wraps, designer furniture, laptops, cell phones and many more.